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Science, Technology, Engineering and Mathematics (STEM)


The STEM program is a combination of instruction, discussion, and hands-on activities that introduces students Kindergarten to 12th grade to fundamentals of science, technology, engineering, and mathematics. Students attend enrichment classes and are introduced to basic concepts and techniques applicable to the program. They engage in relevant discussions, lectures, demonstrations, activities, and research exercises.

Engineering engage students in hands-on activities that include practical experiments with measures of voltage, construction of power sources, wiring of circuit boards, and reading schematic diagrams. Each student learn basic circuitry, basic definitions and theories of electricity and partake in briefings from a professional in the engineering industry. They build, and program robots.

Mathematics cover concepts and applications in Number theory, Group theory, Finite Structures, and Analysis. The instructor conducts grade level reviews and introduce some advanced concepts. For example, 6-7 graders are introduced to pre-algebra and pre-calculus. 8th grade and above focus on algebra and trigonometry. Our teachers who instruct at the college level are able to gauge students’ abilities and capabilities.

Computer Science students are introduced to coding --- computer programming languages--- and use personal computers to create Employees Payrolls, PowerPoint Presentations, webpage designs, and blogs. They also program mobile APPs and use them to remotely control robots. All grade levels use computerized hardware and software that model real world challenges.

Our program is now part of the District of Learning Network so students in our program can earn Digital Badges for successfully completing specific projecs.

CAC STEM program utilizes the NASA BEST Next Generation Curriculum. All incorporated Space Science sessions are extracted from the NASA’s space missions and technology programs.